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Real estate has stepped up as one of the major domains which come over with some big capital gains, combined with extra tax benefits offered by the governments. Even though it carries all the big benefits of a potential investment, you really got to put in a lot of efforts and time into it. This is where Njock Ajuk Eyong has established himself as one of the most sought after real estate managers who have earned it all through their sublime efforts and talent within the same domain.

What we deal in?

Here at Njock Ajuk Eyong, we always believe that the future of real estate lies in the farmhouse development and hence you can expect all the required support and assistance in the same regards. Our founder and director Njock Ajuk Eyong knew it right from the start that everyone from a retired professional to a peace seeker is looking forward to an accommodation in the lap of Mother Nature.

This is where we have created a platform in order to provide you with the best deals regarding purchase and selling of the farm houses in South Africa.

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How our founder revolutionized the South African real estate industry?

Njock Ajuk Eyong didn’t only bring the innovative concept of building and promoting farmhouses, he also transformed the whole South African real estate industry in the process. As per him, farm houses can certainly be quoted as a perfect choice for all those professionals and Peace loving people that are seriously looking forward to get away from all the hassles of a busy and noisy city lifestyle.

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Personal life and background

Njock Ajuk Eyong did have a soft spot for real estate business right form his childhood and he was always amazed after seeing all those tall buildings and statues around the Johannesburg city. While he himself belonged to the countryside within the outskirts of the main city area, he never got to witness the same kind of growth within his surroundings. This is when he decided to bring along all the big development within his vicinities through all the learning and hard work within the same domain.

 Njock Ajuk Eyong was always a go-to student within his school days and his performance was equally tremendous in academics than in sports and other extracurricular activities. While he always came up with an aim to do well in the world of real estate, he took admission in the Real estate business school in Johannesburg to get along with his further studies in the same regards. Well, that was the time when his journey as a Real estate entrepreneur kick started.  Still, the journey forward was never that easy as even he had to get through all the given hurdles for a beginner in any domain. Still it was all his true grit and dedication towards his work, which eventually brought him all the big success in the same process. He further got himself registered as an intern with a local real estate agency and enrolled in the estate agency affairs board. This was the time when he pushed through his journey in the same direction and paves his way into the world of real estate development.

Life journey of our founder

Njock Ajuk Eyong did come from a humble family background and even while he has witnessed lots of hardships within his early days, he never gave up during the process. His father worked as a carpenter and there was a time when they were unable to make the ends meet for the family. This is when even his mother got to work in order to support their family in hard times. Well, this is where Njock Ajuk Eyong learned about all the big lessons of life which helped him in the future course of his life journey.

If we talk about the hobbies of Njock Ajuk Eyong, he loves playing and watching football whenever gets time from his busy schedule. He is a big fan of Lionel messi and never misses a match where Barcelona plays along with him. Apart from football, he loves travelling, reading and watching movies. He also loves to make new friends and this is where he got more than 2k friends on facebook.

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