Njock Ajuk Eyong : This pandemic situation is a blessing in disguise for all the real estate buyers

The real estate industry has witnessed some huge downfall in the wake of the current corona virus situation. However, experts believe that the same situation would provide a golden chance for all the potential buyers out there.

Njock Ajuk Eyong , who has made some big name in the real estate industry in South Africa, also agrees with the same fact, As per him, he current pandemic situation has led to the emergence of following case scenarios worldwide.


1.High-end assets available at much cheaper rates

The real estate industry is really struggling with its liquidity factor and this is where contractors and builders have to look out for ways to back the work in the best manner possible. Now, with less cash in hand, these builders have made some of the high-end assets available for sale at really competitive prices.


Njock Ajuk Eyong Africa



Njock Ajuk Eyong lawyer says that this comes as the golden opportunity for everyone who is looking to invest in their dream home or office without shelling much in the process. It’s just like the blessing in disguise for all the customers in the market.


2.Cheaper loans

From banks to economies or any other financial institution, everyone is facing the heat of the current pandemic situation. While people have mostly liquidized their assets and securities to have some cash in hand for the future uncertainties, banks have been pushed to offer cheaper loans to bring some income to their foray.

While this is happening, people who were earlier not being able to afford a house can now opt for an asset in easy monthly installment while opting for these loans. Njock Ajuk Eyong visa says that the situation is simply playing in ‘your pain is my gain’ manner.


3.Higher tax rebates

The biggest reason behind the surging rates of assets and properties in the past were said to be all those high-end taxes put by the government authorities on the sale and purchase of these assets. With coronavirus bringing everyone to the edge, authorities have been forced to offer tax rebates in order to attract some kind of investment to these assets.

Njock Ajuk Eyong Africa says that everyone who is looking to take the benefit out of it must opt for it sooner than later. With all the tax rebates, these real estate owners are offering some big discounts and schemes alongside.


Njock Ajuk Eyong



4.Future investment

Economies around the world are expected to take some sweet time to recover and that’s where people must watch out for these real estate deals as the perfect way to secure their investments for the future. While the future is uncertain for all the other securities and equities, this can be said as the only fair deal for investment in the current context.

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