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One of the most sought after Real estate developer in South Africa

Real estate has come up as a potential avenue for lots of aspiring entrepreneurs, mainly due to the higher capital gains, coming along with the tax benefits provided by the government. While many enter this business by solely looking into the profits, it’s still not meant for everyone. This field takes a lot of talent, efforts, hard work and tactful judgment in order to value the true potential of the property and this would further take s a lot of travelling in the process. This is where Njock Ajuk Eyong comes as one of the only business personalities who have made it all through hard work and undying effort in the south African  real estate market.

How it all started for Njock Ajuk Eyong?

Being a child, Njock Ajuk Eyong always carried some big passion towards real estate and he always used to get fascinated whilst looking at all those skyscrapers in the Johannesburg city. While he himself hails from the suburbs of the Johannesburg city, he never gets to see the same kind of development within his area. That was when he decided to invest his time and efforts in the real estate industry.

 Njock Ajuk Eyong always came over as a bright student in his school and college days and just like the academics, he was quite good in sports and other extracurricular activities. Once he got through with the education part, he further took admission to the Real estate business school in Johannesburg. Well, that was where he got started with this journey as Real estate entrepreneur. Even though he came across lots of hurdles on his way which generally happens with every beginner), he didn’t give up in his efforts and hard work. He then got himself registered as an intern to a local real estate agency and registered with the estate agency affairs board. So, once he got through with further qualifications and requisties in the same regards, he paved his way into the future course of this real estate journey.

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Njock Ajuk Eyong and his love with farmhouses

Njock Ajuk Eyong Lawyer

Njock Ajuk Eyong knew it from the start that usual real estate stuff is the thing of past and the future lies in the farm house development market. Well, this was something which motivated him to enter into this new, yet potential market of real estate development. While people earlier used to run towards lavish suites and apartments in the midst of busy city life, they are now returning back to their old ways of finding a shelter in natural surroundings.

Njock Ajuk Eyong lawyer

How Njock Ajuk Eyong transformed the South African real estate industry?

Njock Ajuk Eyong brother has simply revolutionized the South African real estate industry whilst introducing Farm houses as an definitive choice for all the retired professionals and Peace loving people that are desperately looking for a shelter away from the busy and noisy lifestyle of the city areas to a perfect “Naturally Crafted” surroundings.

Njock Ajuk Eyong brother agrees that even though it will take some time for the same industry to flourish in South Africa, people have started to divert towards natural surroundings instead of the concrete jungle in the city areas. This is where he aims to deliver the most affordable and ethical ways of living to every fellow citizen and working day and night to make that dream possible for them in the process.

Personal life and family background

Njock Ajuk Eyong comes over from the most humble origins and he went through all the hardships during the early days of his childhood. While his father was a carpenter, they were hardly been able to make the ends meet on a daily basis. This is where his mother also got to search for some work in order to support their family in the beginning. Well, that was the time when little Njock Ajuk Eyong learned about the struggles of life at an early age.

Njock Ajuk Eyong loves playing football in his free time and he is a big fan of Barcelona star Lionel messi. Moreover, he never miss a chance to watch the football match whether it’s live or on the TV. Njock Ajuk Eyong is a frequent traveler and loves to try seafood from across the globe.

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Njock Ajuk Eyong Lawyer
Njock Ajuk Eyong Brother
Njock Ajuk Eyong Africa
Njock Ajuk Eyong Africa